jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

Some words for Sheldon Brown

As one starts in the cycling lifestyle, one usually think to have a lot of knowledge about your own bike, until there is a problem you can not solve on your own. There are a lot of alternatives: The local bike shop, books on the subject, and the web. In one of those web scouring nights, I came across Sheldon Brown's website. I could not believe myself the wealth of information he had on his pages, but the human quality and kindness when he answered your questions by e-mail. Questions he may have answered thousands of times, he answered again in the e-mail. A bike tourist by nature, Mr. Brown enjoyed traveling by bike with his family. He gave me inspiration to know more about the bicycle inner workings and help me understand the machine that have given me so many happy moments with myself and with my own family. Who might say that a person can have such a big impact in someone else's life?

Unfortunately, for the world, Mr. Sheldon Brown have gone in his long bike tour into eternity. We have his legacy, and his life example. His eagerness to help, and his enthusiasm by all forms of cycling, is something we have to remember. A great man is no longer with us, and I feel a little sadness. But, knowing that he helped me with my bicycle problems, and continues to teach me how to keep my steed in fine working condition, makes me feel happy. And every time I finish a long ride I will look at my bike, then up to the sky, and say.... Thanks Sheldon